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Soorya (Singapore) & IAEC Chong Pang CC present

A Presentation (multimedia) by Dr Mohan Ravuru

MIND - The Ultimate Human Frontier

A Multi-sensorial Odyssey into Dimensions of Reality

A Transdisciplinary World-view for Sustained Human Existence

which touches upon 'everything' from Cosmology to Consciousness,
Inner Space to Outer Space

What is it?

It's a multimedia presentation of a very different kind,with only music in the background no speech, no narration, and no agenda other than sharing the experience itself !

What does it contain?

A compendium of recent advances in science, a review of data and discoveries compiled by a leading Medical Research Scientist which will challenge the very foundations of our present way of understanding our own conscious experience of this world and how we perceive our selves... artfully tied together in a multimedia presentation, with beautiful music in the background.

What's in it for me (the viewer)?

This presentation offers a perspective about You and your
relative position in the universe, that you operate in.

Ask Yourself:

Am I who I think I am or are there more dimensions to me that I am not aware of ? Am I living in an illusion of "What I don't see, or don't know about, will not affect me" ?

If you think that learning about yourself is important to you, these 60-minutes should help.

What's the program?

You shall simply watch the show for 60 minutes and if you have any questions, they will be addressed by the compiler of this presentation, at the end.

Dr Mohan Ravuru --- For his brief Bio Data Click Here.

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