About Us

Objectives of Soorya (Singapore)

  • To showcase the finest in Indian art & culture through performances by high quality talents, and thereby to increase the level of art appreciation, awareness and art presence in Singapore. To help develop Singapore as a distinctive global city for the arts.
  • To deliver outstanding Indian art & cultural events to the Singaporean audience at very affordable prices.
  • To foster the spirit of “Integration through art & culture” by cross cultural and multi-ethnic, multi-racial exchanges, interactions and experiments in the domain of art and culture.
  • To revive and re-invigorate the less popular or dying folk arts by giving wider exposure.
  • To mentor, encourage and cultivate promising young and old local talents, in the field of art and culture.
  • To popularise and support good cinema (especially Indian cinema) in Singapore.

Mission and Vision

  • Dissemination of the rich Indian art & culture and achieving integration through art and culture” – Soorya strives towards presenting the finest in the diverse art forms of India to the art lovers of Singapore in a multi-cultural, multi-racial milieu.
  • Presenting top artistes at nominal ticket charges to make fine quality art available to wide segments of the community.
  • “Art with a Heart”: Soorya is socially sensitive and one of its major vision is “Art for Heart”. Towards this vision, Soorya supports charitable organisations, homes for the aged and weak, hospitals and medical institutions, mentally and physically disabled and weaker sections of society like migrant workers, who are displaced from their places of origin and with low economic resources. Soorya will use its skills, connections, art and other resources towards these segments for the betterment of quality of living.


  • Organize dance & music festivals and other art & culture related events, especially of a classical nature.
  • Organize / collaborate with Heritage related art events
  • Hold talks, lec-dems, interaction sessions etc with performers, artistes, film directors, litterateurs etc.
  • Hold discussions, seminars and workshops.
  • Organize and participate in exhibitions & other visual arts events.
  • Screen quality movies from a cross section of different languages, directors and also different countries.
  • Organise theatre related events.
  • Conduct light & sound programmes.
  • Organize and manage cultural exchanges between Singapore and other countries, particularly India.