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Mission and Vision

  • “Dissemination of the rich Indian art & culture and achieving integration through culture” – Soorya strives towards presenting the finest in the diverse art forms of India to the art lovers of Singapore in a multi-cultural, multi-racial milieu.
  • * “Art with a heart” – Soorya will remain committed to the weak and under privileged sections of the society by contributing significant part of its annual financial surplus to agencies and organizations of a charitable nature.
  • Presenting top artistes at nominal ticket charges to make fine quality art available to wide segments of the community.

Soorya (Singapore) & Woodlands CC jointly presents

Strings and Bells

Musical evening of Sitar Vadan by Chandranath Bhattacharya ( Singapore) followed by Ghunghroo Vadan by V. Anuradha Singh ( India)

Venue: Woodlands CC Theatrette

Date & Time : Sunday, 25 August 2013, 5:30 pm

Kathak 2013

Music of the Strings at 5.30 pm

Sitar Vadan / Sitar Concert By Pt Chandranath Bhattacharya accompanied on the tabla by Ritwik Ghosal

In the world of classical music, Sitar Player Chandranath Bhattacharya is a well known name. His early sitar studies were with Shri Gopi Mohan Bose, followed by famous sitarist Shri Shyamal Chatterjee and lastly with the renowned sitar player Padmabhusan Pandit Debu Chowdhury of the Senia Jaipur Gharana. In order to maintain the principles of ragas, the Senias of this Gharana play traditional sitar with seventeen frets and distinct stroke patterns

Sitar Maestro Chandranath, recipient of several awards and accolades, has performed throughout Asia and Europe, as well as appeared on All India Radio and television where he has 40 recitals to his credit. At present he teaches sitar and vocal at Shrutilaya Society Singapore. ( Read more about him : http://chandranath.trueraaga.com)

Kathak 2013

Music of the Bells : Kathak dance at 7pm

Music of the Bells\Music of the Ghunghuroos by V Anuradha Singh

A Ghungroo, also known as Ghunghroo or Ghunghru or Ghungur (Bengali) or Salangai (Tamil) is one of many small metallic bells strung together to form Ghungroos, a musical anklet tied to the feet of classical Indian dancers. The sounds produced by Ghungroos vary greatly in pitch depending on their metallic composition and size. Ghungroos serve to accentuate the rhythmic aspects of the dance and allow complex footwork to be heard by the audience. They are worn immediately above the ankle. A string of ghungroos can range from 50 to greater than 200 bells knotted together. A novice child dancer may start with 50 and slowly add more as he or she grows older and advances in his or her technical ability. Ghungroos or Salangais are worn in traditional performances of the classical Indian dance forms: Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, and Odissi etc.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghungroo)

Kathak 2013

Ghunghroo Vadan\Footbell Instrumental Music.

Ghunghroo Vadan \ footbell Instrumental Music is evolved by V. Anuradha Singh, a renowned Indian classical kathak exponent. She performs Classical Ghunghroo vadan \ Footbell- percussion Instrumental music recital.

For the first time in history, she brings solo Instrumental ghunghroo ( footbell) recital to the stage as a main instrument which focuses solely on instrumental footwork in a classical manner.

She brings `Solo Classical Ghunghroo Vadan` to the stage which focuses solely on foot bell in a classical manner. She has performed for 100 minutes, non-stop in one place, for pure Music Festivals.

Kathak 2013

More about Anuradha's Ghunghroo Music Recital

She has been recognized for classical music by ghunghroos (an innovative and ancient traditional work in technique, rhythmic understanding and ability to improvise with speedy rhythms). She performs Ghunghroo Recital in its purest form of classical gharanas with very extreme footwork. She researched the unique aspects of each percussive gharana through rigorous training of twenty years. Ghunghroo playing technique involves extensive use of the toe and heel (apply pressure) in various configurations to create a wide variety of different sounds, reflected in the mnemonic syllables (bol). She holds vast amounts of traditional classical percussive knowledge and expertise.

She developed bell (ghunghuroos) as a main musical Instrument and performed in many pure music festivals where dance is not allowed. It is the only foot percussive art and it takes great dexterity, superb control, stamina, classical knowledge and physical strength. 'For the first time in history, V.Anuradha Singh brings to the stage her revolutionary technique of solo Classical Ghunghru (foot bell) Recital which focuses solely on foot percussive art (100 minutes, non-stop in one place)'.

Everybody has seen the movement of hands and vocalizations through mouth but playing the Ghunghroo \ Bell through feet in a classical manner is novel and through unprecedented research. This Classical Ghunghroo/Bell Music Concert is unique in the world which forms a perfect unison between mind and feet, great dexterousness, superb control, stamina and physical strength.

Kathak 2013

V. Anuradha Singh and her Study of Kathak

V Anuradha Singh is an eminent dancer in the domain of classical Kathak dance. She is one of the eminent and compelling dancers of India today, belonging to the Raigarh Gharana. She is from Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. She has a long list of solo participation in many reputed stages of India and abroad performing to full house with assertions from connoisseurs and stalwarts of Indian classical dance and music.

She got Master's degree in kathak dance with Merit (Gold-medal) from Indira Kala Sangeet University, dist. Khairagarh, Chhatisgarh state. She got scholarship & fellowship in Kathak dance from M.P. Govt. for 4 years and trained under the guidance of late Pt. Durgalalji (Jaipur Gharana), Late Pt. Kartikramji and Pt. Ramlalji (Raigarh Gharana) in Guru Shishya Parampara at Chakrdhar Nritya Kendra Bhopal M.P.

She also experiments in classical Sufiana kathak dance holding the poetic tradition (Meera, Kabir, Bulla etc) within dance, keeping alive, an amazing bounty of sacred and mystical poetry from the Sufi and saint traditions in the technique of Kathak.

Kathak 2013

Awards and accolades

Wakankar Samman, Kala Manishi Samman, Rajiv Gandhi National Unity Award 2004 at Habitate Center Delhi, Rai Praveen Samman 2008, Tulika Samman, National Women Excellence Award 2008 at Habitate Center Delhi, Abhinav Kala Samman 09, Kala Sadhna Samman 09, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award 09, Woman of Bhopal award 2010, Ojaswini National Kala Award 2010 , Vishwa nritya divas puruskar 2011 , Rangkriti Samman and more.


She had her first performance overseas at Festival of India in USSR held in Moscow (Russia) in 1987 by Government of India thereafter she was invited as a solo Musician abroad and was well received. Thereafter she was invited as a solo performer in West Germany, France, England, Singapore and Pakistan and was well received. In addition to her appearance in most of the major festivals, she has earned a niche in the hearts of millions of music lovers. In India she has participated in over 200 festivals organised by the Government of India.

Kathak 2013

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