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Mission and Vision

  • “Dissemination of the rich Indian art & culture and achieving integration through culture” – Soorya strives towards presenting the finest in the diverse art forms of India to the art lovers of Singapore in a multi-cultural, multi-racial milieu.
  • * “Art with a heart” – Soorya will remain committed to the weak and under privileged sections of the society by contributing significant part of its annual financial surplus to agencies and organizations of a charitable nature.
  • Presenting top artistes at nominal ticket charges to make fine quality art available to wide segments of the community.

Soorya (Singapore) presents

Padmashri Urvashi Shobana's


A Dance Musical in English

08 Feb 2013 (Friday) @ Esplanade Theatre

in collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

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Krishna played on the flute so melodiously that the entire Gokula and even the whole world, stood enraptured in ecstatic joy. Lord Krishna is described as the ultimate source of all knowledge; in the battle field of Kurukshetra he is charioteer to Arjuna expounding the values of spiritual wisdom through The Bhagwad Gita : Song of Lord Krishna; the universal treatise on self realization... with the gopikas (women of Gokul) he is their eternal lover... with his mother he is a bundle of joy and perpetual prankster... with the demons he is their slayer... as a king and with the royalty he is their scholarly counsel and for the devotee He is the ultimate saviour at all times of distress.

Padmashri Shobana, the highly reputed dancer famous for her inimitable style of presentation, and her group of 14 dancers take the audience on a magical journey creating a fantasy world to relive the life of 'Krishna'.

An evening of spectacular work by ace choreographer, dancer and National award winning actress Shobana; crafted for lovers of the avant-garde, innovative, classical and Bollywood dancing. Krishna The Dance Musical showcases Krishna the man, his philosophy and why he is still beyond man's understanding.

'KRISHNA' beckons you.......




A two and half hour dance musical extravaganza based on the chronicles of the Hindu deity Krishna with classical, folk, contemporary dances and music from the classical repertoire as well as popular film scores.

Sound engineering is by Oscar award winning Resul Pookutty (of Slumdog Millionaire).

Choreography, concept and direction, Padmashri Shobana.

Art Design : Rajeevan.

Light Effects : Mururgan.

Krishna has voice-overs in English by famous film personalities including Surya, Konkona Sen, Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das, Radhika, Miland Soman, Prabhu etc

An audio visual spectacle featuring video projections, brilliantly designed costumes and stunning light effects.

After the hugely successful mega production Maya Ravan, Shobana's Krishna comes to Singapore after sell out shows wherever presented.

An evening of spectacular works of ace choreographer, actor and National award winner Shobana, crafted for lovers of the avant-garde, innovative and classical and Bollywood dancing, Krishna - the musical showcases Krishna the man, his philosophy and why he is still beyond man's understanding.

From Padmashri Shobana about her production 'Krishna'

* The dance elements, while certainly more modern, still have a classical restraint and formalism to them that evokes the correct present cultural context without seeming mummified.

* Playing out against a minimalist set, and with riot costumes, creates the ideal environment for a tribute to the illusions that can be woven out of air by the right combination of music, actors, singers and dancers. And each of the performances has been polished like the Astors' silver.

* From a musical standpoint, the musical will lie on a bed of pre recorded music with scores from classical well as Bollywood feature films.

* The show takes the bold extra step of breaking down the methodology of getting attention in a musical by turning passivity into pure show-biz electricity, all the more arresting for being kept at low voltage.

* This production isn't about smoke and mirrors. It's flesh and blood shaped by discipline and artistry into a parade of vital, pulsing talent, of around 15 performers. All of them are as tight and vibrant as newly plucked violin strings that in just a few minutes you become aware of everyone as an individual with the potential to soar or snap.


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About Padma Shri Urvashi Shobana

Shobana the dancer , one of the foremost classical dancers from India today, is an artist of great demand in the top dance festivals of India for the last two decades and has performed extensively in India as well as USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia. Shobana, the dancer, has been the in the field for the last 30 years. After her initiation under Guru K J Sarasa, Shobana did her advanced training under Maestro Chitra Visveswaran. Shobana branched out as an independent, individual performing artist when she entered her twenties. Ever since, Shobana has established herself as a pre-eminent exponentof Bharata natyam, performing in a wide range of traditional and contemporary platforms. Shobana has also performed along with artists of stature such as Ustad Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayak Ram, Sonal Mansingh, and Padma Subrahmanyam. In 1984 after five years of intensive study at the Chidambaram Academy, Madras, she made her debut on stage proving her inherent gift as a fine dancer. Since then she has continued to perform to audiences of connoisseurs both in India and abroad. Shobana has also performed in Kuala Lumpur before the King and Queen of Malaysia. And for the former US President Bill Clinton. Her dance tours have taken her all over the world.


Shobana, the choreographer, was born along with Shobana the dancer. Her choreographic works have been particularly appreciated and attributed to her rigorous and holistic training in the arts. Shobana's basic training in the mridangam for laya and tala; the flute and vocal Carnatic music for musical knowledge has given her a rare insight into all dimensions of choreography and composing. Shobana's excellent performance calibre, along with her choreographic capabilities, has won her many accolades and awards all over the world. Shobana, the teacher, was incarnated after she became an active and mature performer. Shobana realized that teaching would enable her to share her cumulative knowledge with others of the next generation, as well as enable her own growth and evolution as an artist. Kalarpana Trust was set up in 1994 to impart training in all aspects of dance, with a modest five students. Today, Kalarpana benefits 92 students, mostly girls from the poorer classes, and two generations have students have already been prepared as teachers, trainers, performers and performance conductors - nattuvanaars). Some of these students have even branched out to open their own schools of dance.


Shobana, the cinema artist, did her first film at the age of nine, and even won her first award as child artists for the film Mangalanayaki (Tamil). She has worked in the widest possible range of films, totalling close to 200, in all four south Indian languages. Some directors she has worked with are Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Aravindan, Manirathnam, K Balachander, K Raghavendra Rao and innumerable others. Shobana has won Two National (President's) awards for Manichitrathaazhu (Malayalam) in 1994 and Mitr, My Friend (Indian/English), 2002.


Shobana, the classical dancer, choreographer, teacher and actress have culminated in a distinguished well rounded artist who has brought pride to Indian traditional and contemporary culture not only in India but also around the world. Her constant innovations and creativity in both the fields has led one of her eminent cinema colleagues to publicly claim that Shobana is probably the only artist in her generation who is capable of inventing a new genre of movement and aesthetics in dance.

Accomplishments and Awards

* First prize at the Pongal festival by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha - 1990

* Natya Ratna Awarded by Deccan Fine Arts, Secundrabad - 1992

* Natya Jothi Title Awarded by Indian Fine Arts, Australia - 1994

* Yuva Kala Bharathi Awarded by Bharat Kalachar - 1995

* Natya Mayuri Secunderabad Fine Arts - 1995

* Bharata Kalaratna Awarded by Bharathalaya - 1996

* Nadana Mamani Awarded by Karthik Fine Arts - 1997

* Ugadi Purskhar Awarded by Madras Telugu Academy - 1998

* Thara Rani Awarded by Malayalam Manorama, Kerala - 2009

* Kalaimamani, highest honour by the State Govenrment of Tamil Nadu, India - 2009

* Choreographed dances for "Dance like a man", Winner of the national film award for the best feature film (2003) and "Manichitrathazhu", Winner of the national film award for wholesome entertainment (1993)

* Indian National award for the best actress for films, "Manichitrathaazhu" (Malayalam) in 1994 and "Mitr, My Friend" (Indian/English), 2002.

* "Padma Shri" award given by the Government of India, in recognition of distinguished contribution in the Arts (2006)

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