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 Soorya (Singapore)

For the finest in Indian classical and performing arts.


  • To showcase the finest in Indian art & culture through performances by high quality talents, and thereby to increase the level of art appreciation, awareness and art presence in Singapore
  • To help develop Singapore as a distinctive global city for the arts
  • To deliver outstanding Indian art & cultural events to the Singaporean audience at very affordable prices
  • To foster the spirit of integration through culture by cross cultural and multi-ethnic, multi-racial exchanges, interactions and experiments in the domain of art and culture.
  • To revive and re-invigorate the less popular or dying folk arts by giving wider exposure.
  • To mentor, encourage and cultivate promising young and old local talents, in the field of art and culture.

Soorya (Singapore)

Online Carnatic Music Quiz 2021

Diwali 4 ADA

* Teams of 2 participants, seated physically together.
* Questions will be of a level of formal classical musical
learning of at least 5 years.
* Music professionals and teachers are not allowed.
* Participants to be above12 years old. For those below 18, consent by parents/guardians is required.
* Open to all, not restricted to Singapore residents.
* There may be a preliminary round on on the same day at
12:00 noon (SG) / 9:30 am (IST).
* The Quiz will be held using online tools and it may be
required to have 2 online devices - (1) a PC/Mac and
(2) a smart phone / tablet (Android/iOS) for each team.
* Decisons of the organizers are final and non-contestable on all matters.
* Detailed instructions and information will be
communicated to all registrants. Free registration at:
* Deadline for registration: 31 Mar 2021.
* Event will be live-streamed.

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