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 Soorya (Singapore)

For the finest in Indian classical and performing arts.


  • To showcase the finest in Indian art & culture through performances by high quality talents, and thereby to increase the level of art appreciation, awareness and art presence in Singapore
  • To help develop Singapore as a distinctive global city for the arts
  • To deliver outstanding Indian art & cultural events to the Singaporean audience at very affordable prices
  • To foster the spirit of integration through culture by cross cultural and multi-ethnic, multi-racial exchanges, interactions and experiments in the domain of art and culture.
  • To revive and re-invigorate the less popular or dying folk arts by giving wider exposure.
  • To mentor, encourage and cultivate promising young and old local talents, in the field of art and culture.

Soorya (Singapore)


Celebrating the Magical Experience of Krishna  

(Soorya Festival of Indian Classical Dance)

Date & Time: Sun, 07 Jul 2019, 6:00 pm
Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium
500 Dover Rd, Singapore 139651

Admission: VIP: $50 & Standard: $30
Standard(Students)*: $26 (limited concession seats available)

For online ticketing with secure payment options of paypal and/or credit cards as well as bank transfers, please click here.
(online booking fee of $2 extra will be applicable)
*For full time students studying in MOE educational institutions or International schools of Singapore only


Event Highlights:
This unique double-bill event features 3 celebrity dancers exploring the magical theme of Krishna with two scintillating performances.

(1) A Kathakali - Bharatanatyam jugalbandhi production, “Krishna Mayam” by Pallippuram Sunil and Paris Laxmi and

(2) A Bharatanatyam recital by Divyaa Unni.

Paris Laxmi and Divyaa Unni are well known cinema artists and accomplished BharataNatyam dancers, while Pallippuram Sunil is a famed Kathakali artist.


1.    Jugalbandhi (Duet) of KATHAKALI – BHARATA NATYAM on Lord Krishna ("Krishna Mayam")

duet1 duet2

Pallipuram Sunil
, the noted Kathakali exponent performs Kathakali along with his wife, Paris Laxmi native of France, performing Bharatanatyam in the duet.  Paris Laxmi is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, also trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, Flamenco and hip-hop.  The Jugalbandhi has Pallipuram Sunil as Lord Krishna in Kathakali genre and Paris Laxmi as Radha, Draupadi, Kuchela, Gopikas,and Arjuna in Bharathanatyam genre.

This duet was performed for the first time by Pallippuram Sunil and Paris Laxmi in 2011 in France.  Subsequently, the duet has been showcased at  venues all over India, Europe and Gulf countries. Based on Lord Krishna’s hand-picked pastimes and chronicles, the production uses music and performance paradigms from standard Kathakali and Bharatanatyam repertoires. The stories recounted include, the Radha & Krishna episodes delineating the love and fun shared by Krishna and his playmate Radha, the story of friendship of Sudama, the poor and impoverished friend and Krishna the King of Dwaraka; “Panchali Shapatham”, the vow of Draupadi of Mahabharatha epic - the humiliation she had to face in the court, the justice she was denied and the timely help she received from her friend Krishna; Unfolding of Geetopadesha, wherein Lord Krishna advices warrior Arjuna the reason not to lose heart and to take up arms in the battlefield of righteousness etc. Their 50th successful stage show was at Guruvayur Temple on 05 Mar 2018. It was also staged a Centre Mandapam in Paris, Salon –de – Provence and for the festival de Folklore of Lurcy- Levis in France.

For further information on the celebrated couple, please click here.

2. BHARATA NATYAM recital by Divyaa Unni

divyaa7 divyaa5

Divyaa Unni is an internationally recognised dancer, teacher, choreographer. Divyaa Unni is an accomplished stage and screen actress too. She attained national fame through her acting talents at a very young age. She is a devoted disciple of highly-respected, diverse classical dance masters Kalamandalam Gopinath and R L V Anil Kumar. 

Divyaa has played lead role roles for over 50 films in
Malayalam. Also in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada and has appeared in more than a dozen TV serials.

For further information on the illustrious dancer and cinema artiste, please click here.

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